Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years day hike!

Whenever possible we try to go for a hike on New Years day, two years ago was Rylee's first New Years day hike, we went to Los Maples State Park.  

She caught a quick nap on dad's back.

This year was Hayden's first New Years day hike, and Rylee's first "big girl hike" she walked for the majority of the hike.  We went to Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve 

There is an awesome pool at the bottom and when the weather is nice you can swim.

Hayden got hungry so we had a quick pitstop.

You can hike all the way around the pool.

My poor daughter already has my problem with keeping her pants pulled up over her crack.

I wore Hayden in the moby wrap, it was so comfy and I was able to maneuver easily. 

She thought it was comfy too!  She feel asleep and took a good nap.

I think Rylee's favorite part might of been drinking from the camelbak.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rylee likes sushi!

One of our favorite things to eat is sushi, we started this love while we where in Washington state and now we have found a restaurant in our area that serves amazing sushi.  We went the other night and while we where there we saw that they had a kids sushi meal, so we ordered it for Rylee, it didn't have anything raw in it and Rylee loved it she tried just about everything on her plate.  We did give her a little of  the raw stuff, because she pointed at it and said "Rylee try?" she ate some tuna and some salmon and I think she liked the raw salmon the best.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby is sleeping through the night, when will I?

So Hayden has been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks now!  But I still wake up every night, I can't seem to recapture the knack of sleeping all night again.  Also Hayden can roll over!  She is amazing.  We still swaddle her but we may have to stop because she rolled over while swaddled and I don't think it's very safe for her to do that.  I hope leaving her unswaddled doesn't make her stop sleeping so good.

My 2 year old likes consequences.

Today at breakfast Rylee threw her cereal on the floor, so I immediately put her in timeout on her bed and then had her pick up her mess.  The only problem is that she likes timeout and was happy to sit on her bed and as she was picking up her mess she was giggling!  I don't think the giggling was in defiance or because she thought what she had done was funny she is just a happy girl.  Oh my what a funny thing to be trying to figure out.  Is it an effective punishment when she enjoys it?  I don't know what other punishment I could give to a 2 year old.  Oh well, I wouldn't want her any other way she is so special to me and I love her dearly, she certainly makes life fun!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feast or Famine

It seems like I'm either posting on here all the time or I go like years between posts but it's my blog so I can do whatever I want right?
Since my last post a lot has happened, Hayden is now 4 months old, Rylee is potty trained, we live in Seguin not Brownwood, Bobby has a new job, Bobby's grandfather passed away, and we are fast approaching the holidays.  Whew what a crazy few months.  Here are some pics of the girls.

Hayden just mins old

Hayden 1 month birthday

Hayden 2 month birthday

Hayden 3 month birthday

Hayden 4 month birthday

Rylee playing dress up

Rylee playing in the rain

Sweet girl

I love that her hair is long enough for pig tails!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Rylee saved Hayden's life.

Little did I know that when I went into labor with Rylee and ended up have to have an emergency c-section that I would praise God for a c-section.  Because of having a c-section with Rylee I had to have a scheduled c-section with Hayden.  When the doctor pulled Hayden out of my belly and looked at the umbilical cord he discovered that the cord was tied in a knot, I remember him calling it a true knot.  He said they are pretty rare and that at some point Hayden swam in such a way that she tied her cord in a knot, he also said that the timing was just about perfect.  If I had labored naturally with her or she had gotten bigger and the knot had gotten tighter then the result could have been so much different.  So I thank God that 2 years ago He was watching out for my beautiful Hayden Joy before she was even born, and I feel blessed that I get a glimpse His mysterious ways.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The newest member of the Hyatt household.

This is Sadie, our 6 week old australian shepherd puppy.  We picked her up on Saturday, Bobby's dad had heard about the puppies of a dog who was the great great great.....granddaughter of a dog that Bobby had loved when he was growing up (Socks) and it came about that we could have a puppy!
Socks was a really good, smart, and loyal dog and I knew if we were going to have another dog I wanted to be as sure as you can be that this dog would be a good one so I knew this was a pretty good shot.
So far it's been good, Sadie seems like a really smart dog, especially for a 6 week old puppy.  She has a  pretty good understanding of "no" and also lets us know about 80% of the time before she poops.  Of course I think this makes her the smartest dog ever.
I don't know if raising a toddler has better prepared me for having a puppy but things I would of found annoying before aren't and I find it easier to be aware of where she is and what she is doing, I know it's only been 2 days but so far I think this is a really good match.
I also think it's interesting looking at Nika as a puppy,  Nika is an australian shepherd mix and Sadie is a pure bred so it will be interesting to see how alike they are.  I've been reading about the traits that australian shepherds have and Nika has a lot of them so I also think that we are well prepared to raise another one.