Monday, May 2, 2011

The newest member of the Hyatt household.

This is Sadie, our 6 week old australian shepherd puppy.  We picked her up on Saturday, Bobby's dad had heard about the puppies of a dog who was the great great great.....granddaughter of a dog that Bobby had loved when he was growing up (Socks) and it came about that we could have a puppy!
Socks was a really good, smart, and loyal dog and I knew if we were going to have another dog I wanted to be as sure as you can be that this dog would be a good one so I knew this was a pretty good shot.
So far it's been good, Sadie seems like a really smart dog, especially for a 6 week old puppy.  She has a  pretty good understanding of "no" and also lets us know about 80% of the time before she poops.  Of course I think this makes her the smartest dog ever.
I don't know if raising a toddler has better prepared me for having a puppy but things I would of found annoying before aren't and I find it easier to be aware of where she is and what she is doing, I know it's only been 2 days but so far I think this is a really good match.
I also think it's interesting looking at Nika as a puppy,  Nika is an australian shepherd mix and Sadie is a pure bred so it will be interesting to see how alike they are.  I've been reading about the traits that australian shepherds have and Nika has a lot of them so I also think that we are well prepared to raise another one.