Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years day hike!

Whenever possible we try to go for a hike on New Years day, two years ago was Rylee's first New Years day hike, we went to Los Maples State Park.  

She caught a quick nap on dad's back.

This year was Hayden's first New Years day hike, and Rylee's first "big girl hike" she walked for the majority of the hike.  We went to Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve 

There is an awesome pool at the bottom and when the weather is nice you can swim.

Hayden got hungry so we had a quick pitstop.

You can hike all the way around the pool.

My poor daughter already has my problem with keeping her pants pulled up over her crack.

I wore Hayden in the moby wrap, it was so comfy and I was able to maneuver easily. 

She thought it was comfy too!  She feel asleep and took a good nap.

I think Rylee's favorite part might of been drinking from the camelbak.

Happy New Year!

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  1. what a beautiful family you've got!! happy new year! xoxo