Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rylee likes sushi!

One of our favorite things to eat is sushi, we started this love while we where in Washington state and now we have found a restaurant in our area that serves amazing sushi.  We went the other night and while we where there we saw that they had a kids sushi meal, so we ordered it for Rylee, it didn't have anything raw in it and Rylee loved it she tried just about everything on her plate.  We did give her a little of  the raw stuff, because she pointed at it and said "Rylee try?" she ate some tuna and some salmon and I think she liked the raw salmon the best.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby is sleeping through the night, when will I?

So Hayden has been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks now!  But I still wake up every night, I can't seem to recapture the knack of sleeping all night again.  Also Hayden can roll over!  She is amazing.  We still swaddle her but we may have to stop because she rolled over while swaddled and I don't think it's very safe for her to do that.  I hope leaving her unswaddled doesn't make her stop sleeping so good.

My 2 year old likes consequences.

Today at breakfast Rylee threw her cereal on the floor, so I immediately put her in timeout on her bed and then had her pick up her mess.  The only problem is that she likes timeout and was happy to sit on her bed and as she was picking up her mess she was giggling!  I don't think the giggling was in defiance or because she thought what she had done was funny she is just a happy girl.  Oh my what a funny thing to be trying to figure out.  Is it an effective punishment when she enjoys it?  I don't know what other punishment I could give to a 2 year old.  Oh well, I wouldn't want her any other way she is so special to me and I love her dearly, she certainly makes life fun!