Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Rylee saved Hayden's life.

Little did I know that when I went into labor with Rylee and ended up have to have an emergency c-section that I would praise God for a c-section.  Because of having a c-section with Rylee I had to have a scheduled c-section with Hayden.  When the doctor pulled Hayden out of my belly and looked at the umbilical cord he discovered that the cord was tied in a knot, I remember him calling it a true knot.  He said they are pretty rare and that at some point Hayden swam in such a way that she tied her cord in a knot, he also said that the timing was just about perfect.  If I had labored naturally with her or she had gotten bigger and the knot had gotten tighter then the result could have been so much different.  So I thank God that 2 years ago He was watching out for my beautiful Hayden Joy before she was even born, and I feel blessed that I get a glimpse His mysterious ways.

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  1. He sure knows... a good reminder to not rebel against what we think is 'not in the plan' (like a c-sec). When you had the first one, you might have felt disappointed to "miss" a different kind of birth, but now you see a bit more of the tapestry that God has the entire view of. yay! Reminds me of how God planned the Earth to have the water above and the water below, laid out for the flood that wasn't necessary when he made the garden. But He knew.