Friday, April 1, 2011

My amazing daughter

Monday night was the first night we put Rylee in her big girl bed to sleep in, I was really really nervous about it, I had nightmares about her not staying in her bed and getting out of her bed all night long.  She shocked us, she exceded all our expectations she has stayed in her bed all night every night!!!!

 The first night she cried after I laid her down and walked out, I didn't do anything and she cried for about 30 seconds, after that we didn't hear a peep out of her until 2:30a.m. she started crying and I went to her, she was standing next to her bed holding her blanket.  I picked her up sat on her bed and cuddled her after a short time she started squirming so I laid her down and rubbed her back not long after that she pushed my hand away so I left and she  slept until morning! 
 At this point I was cautiously optimistic and just praying it hadn't been a fluke, the next test was her afternoon nap which went fine.  It is now Friday and she has done great!  When I went to lay her down for her nap this afternoon her room was messy so we cleaned it up before I laid her down (normally her room is already clean).  After about 3-4 mins I heard a clicking noise over the baby monitor so I went to check on her, she had two of her wooden animals and was laying in her bed playing with them, I took them from her and told her that she may not get out of bed, and I gave her a stuffed animal to cuddle with and told her to go to sleep it's nap time, she then went to sleep.  On the inside I was melting because she looked so sweet laying in her bed with those two toys and how cute that she got out of bed, picked two toys and took them back to her bed to play with. I just don't want her to think she can play with any toy she wants to when its time to go to sleep. 
I really think that we are blessed by this wonderful sweet and obedient daughter that God has given us and I thank God everyday for her.  She excedes our expectations everyday and I am constantly underestimating her.  I love her so much!


  1. That is so awesome. I am totally afraid of moving Cougs to a toddler bed, especially because of the stairs. I hope he does as well as Rylee!!!

  2. We've always shut Rylee's bedroom door when we put her to bed and she can't open the door so I never even thought to worry if she got out of her room lol!