Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rylee's birth story

Hey I've been wanting to tell everyone how Rylee's birth went and figured this was the easiest way.
Lets see, on Tuesday July 14th at 5:30 a.m. my water broke, I didn't have any contractions at all before this. I woke Bobby up and said "my water just broke!" Bobby said "your shitting me"(his words not mine), I said "no we need to go to the hospital! We're having a baby!!!" Bobby got up and started getting ready while I tried to figure out how to stop the flow of water that kept coming, and realized that I would have to get off the toilet in order to go to the hospital and birth my child. I put a towel on the seat of the car to protect the seat and tried to figure out if I should wash the bed sheets before we left or after we got home, I really wanted them to be clean when we got home, but also wanted to leave for the hospital as we live 30 mins away. Bobby shooed me into the car and we left. As we were driving we were texting everyone to let them know that the time had arrived. When we got to the hospital we tried to remember how to get to the right spot, we ended up wandering the halls for a while, I'm sure I left a nice wet trail. We finally found the right spot they put us in a room hooked me up to a million machines, started an IV and gave us a lot of paperwork to fill out. After all that was done we just chilled in the room for a while, I wasn't having very bad contractions, and we were enjoying having cable tv at around 9am they told me to take a walk and see if we could move things along (I was only dilated to barely a 1). Bobby and I did a few laps and then headed back to the room and I laid back down. When they checked me next I hadn't dilated anymore so they put me on pitocin(a drug they give you in your IV to help increase your contractions) and then I wasn't able to walk around anymore after awhile the contractions started to get more intense but still not bad. Around ten the nurse came in and told me to shift positions because each time I had a contraction Rylee's heartbeat slowed down. Around noon I started feeling kind of dizzy and nauseous, I called the nurse and she took my blood pressure it was really low, they also couldn't find Rylee's heart beat. They laid me flat put me on oxygen, did something with my IV and really started looking for Rylee's heart beat. I started taking big breaths, and after a bit started feeling better, and they also found Rylee's heart beat. The nurse then put a catheter in (no pain meds at this point ouch!!!). My doctor walked in at this point, the nurse gave him a run down of what had happened up to this point, he then turned to me and said that they didn't know why my blood pressure had dropped and that we couldn't do this all day(I was still only dilated to 1) so I needed to have an emergency c-section. When he said that it seemed like there where 20 people in the room all doing something different, and in no time I was being rolled down the hall to an OR. They gave me a spinal and when it was successful Bobby was allowed to come in the room, he was dressed in those stylish blue things. 15 mins from the time Dr. Hogue said emergency c-section they cut into my belly, pulled Rylee out and we heard her cry for the first time, that sound changed my life. The nurse called Bobby over and he was able to cut the cord and hold her, he then carried her over to me so I could see her, then he carried her to the nursery.

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